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Source FR3K The Secret Murder of Liberal England

The Zinoviev Letter Election Fraud - The British Conspiracy Revealed

The British General Election of 1924 still remains some 80+ years later as the major political watershed marking the boundary from from the Liberal-Tory power struggle of the nineteenth century which saw the victory of progressive politics with the dominance of the liberals to that of modern Labour-Conservative battleground which saw the dominance of the forces of reaction and the victory of Conservatism in the twentieth century. The 1924 Election was remarkable for the momentous dramatic shift of support of Liberal Middle England away from the traditional progressive politics of Liberalism to the veiled reactionary politics of the Conservative Party disguised as moderation in the personified dull solid middle english character of Stanley Baldwin.

The Greatest media manipulation in election history was the product of an intelligence led black propaganda operation which saw a media frenzy created by the publication of MI6 Intelligence derived from a forged letter alleged to have been sent to the British Communists from Moscow Commissar Gregori Zinoviev - the head of Commintern. The Daily Mail published four days before polling and wrong-footed the incumbent first Labour Government in British History. The Red Scare fueling a middle class panic about a secret communist plot in the armed forces being aided and abetted by socialists in government and fueled by an unprecedented unquestioning media campaign panicked millions of liberal voters away from their natural inclinations leading to a massive election landslide for the Conservative Party and the defeat of Britain's first Labour Government. Thus ended the most volatile and unstable period of modern politics which had in a two year period from 1922-24 seen four Prime Ministers, three Governments and three General Elections in 1922, 1923 and 1924.
The Daily Mail exclusive of the infamous letter, not written or sent by Zinoviev's hand remained an accepted example of communist subversion in all but left wing circles until 1966 when an investigation by the award winning Sunday Times Insight Team of Lewis, Chester, Fay and Hugo Young discovered evidence of a forgery and conspiracy which was hotly contested by the British Government. Their research remained a subject of historical controversy until 1999 when an official FCO investigation and report by Dr Gill Bennett Chief FCO Historian confirmed the letter was forged. This was despite the fact that famous MI5 officer Millicent Bagot had concluded the same in her unpublished classified report in 1970 which followed a 2 year internal investigation.
In March 2003 while researching private papers of a leading MI5 officer of the period I came across startling new evidence which not only confirmed the intelligence conspiracy but also highlighted the lengths to which rogue elements in the intelligence services in conjunction with right wingers in the conservative party went to prevent the truth reaching the British Media. The cover up lasted from 1924 to 1956 and beyond before the Sunday Times breached the elaborate steps taken to remove documents from circulation.

Documents which led me on a trail of discovery to question whether the 1999 Bennett Report had brought into the public domain the full story. In a meeting at the FCO I was briefed that whilst as the late Robin Cook told the House of Commons the identity of the source who provided the MI6 intelligence on the Zinoviev Letter which proved to fake was not known by MI6, internal files did disclose the codename of this suspect source known to be a White Russian was revealed to be “source K” and run by MI6 Officer in Riga codenamed FR3. In the Bennett report neither the names of MI6 Station Chief with overall responsibility nor the intelligence officer responsible for the letter source who I can now identify as FR3 could be named for “operational reasons” obviously continuing the long held but widely breached policy of protecting MI6 agents and sources however long dead those involved. In the published diaries of the first head of MI6 Admiral Mansfield Cumming “C” - he wrote an organisation tree of officers and agents across the world and their codenames. In 1923 in Riga he lists the head of station as FR0, his deputy as FR3 and a FR9.
The question of whether the 1999 Bennett Report was an attempt by MI6 to placate the new 1997 Labour Government who held the Zinoviev Letter forgery as a sacred cow of dirty tricks against the Labour movement is an interesting one. The researches by British and Russian historians into the KGB archives was beginning to turn up material which exonerated the soviets and pointed the finger at the British. This material was published by Nigel West and Oleg Tsarev before the Bennett Report was commissioned by Cook in 1997 following questions in parliament by investigative Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker. I established that Robin Cook had prompted the question - which suggests that while Robin Cook and Norman Baker were interested in the truth perhaps civil servants were interested in pre-empting the “Crown Jewels” and ring fencing MI6’s role in the affair. The question is why the FCO and MI6 continue to withhold information from the public and parliament some 8 years after the end of the cold war and some 75 years after the affair. This against a 75 year background of disinformation, obscuration, cover-up and deception.
The major result of the fall of the liberal party in England was the banishment of the liberals from government -leading to 80 years of complete political under-representation in over 22 elections. In simple terms, the liberals were pushed off the electoral cliff and have been endlessly trying to scrabble up into government in a heroic vain series of revivals. Imagine if every year the government burned 60% of Liberal democrat voting papers in the streets. Yet since the 1924 electoral watershed over 60 million of the 79 million votes have been effectively stolen by the first past the post system. In the 1983 General election 6.7 million of the 7.7 votes for the alliance were lost in this way, whilst in the 1974 election 89% of the liberal vote was wasted. In my own life, I have voted in every election since 1983 and yet never elected anyone. I have the right to vote but not to choose or to have my vote count. This is the undemocratic legacy of the Zinoviev Letter and the Intelligence Conspiracy behind it which still remains subject to a partial cover-up.
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Assassination disguised as suicide or accident

As 2008 draws nearer this blog seeks to highlight little known evidence behind events in the 1920-60 period which give echoes of similar occurrences in the recent period which have become the focus of active conspiracy theories surrounding extrajudicial killings of prominent persons which have been considered by many as accidents, suicides or onset of rapid illness. Viz Princess Diana, Dr David Kelly.

The investigation into the personal papers of an ex-MI5 officer highlight previously unknown links between the Murder of gold millionaire Sir Harry Oakes in the Bahamas in 1943, the campaign against honours trafficker Maundy Gregory, the suicide of his London representative in the same year and the suicide of an British Intelligence backchannel to Mussolini in 1945 in London.

The ex-MI5 officer noted to his ex-MI6 colleague that the Italian had been handled by MI5 in the usual way and then committed suicide while being investigated for financial embezzlement.