Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Assassination of Sir Harry Oakes

The Mystery surrounding the 1943 murder of Millionaire Gold Magnate and Tax Exile Sir Harry Oakes remains one of the contraversial events in the history of the Bahamas. It has perplexed some of the most illustrious crime writers and detectives of the 20th Century and still remains unsolved. Now New Evidence have revealed a hitherto unknown role that Sir Harry Oakes played in bankrolling Neville Chamberlain's 1938 Appeasement of Nazi Germany in exchange for his Knighthood, leaving a trail from the Art World's Joseph Duveen through to Neville Chamberlain's Spin Doctor and MI5 Fixer Sir Joseph Ball.

Why Channel 4's 2006 take on the Oakes Murder "Murder in Paradise" got it so wrong

  • De Maringy was framed and was innocent.
  • Oakes was murdered and died face down.
  • He was probably shot in the head and then the body was moved.
  • The murder was a conspiracy as at least two men would be needed to carry oakes from the murder scene to the upstairs room at Westbourne.
  • The head wound was altered by smashing the bullet wound with a sharp triangular instrument.
  • The Oakes murder is one of a series of rich influential appeasers who died in mysterious circumstances during the 1940-43 period.
  • Oakes had secret financial connections to appeasers in London and New York via Art Trader Lord Duveen - linking people such as Henry Ford, Sir Joseph Ball and the Duke of Windsor.
  • The Channel 4 documentary makes no mention of Maringy's own belief that the Duke of Windsor murdered Oakes - as outlined in the 1988 Book - Conspiracy of Crowns.
  • The Documentary ignores FBI evidence naming Oakes Lawyer Walter Foskett as a suspect.
  • The Film ignores the Duke's close dealings in the Bahamas and Mexico with a cabal of Pro-Nazi businessmen such as Swede Axel Wenner Gren and a shadowy group of Texas Oil men which included Paul Getty who supported and made money from the Nazis.
  • No explanation has ever be made for Sir Harry Oakes missing revolver which he kept by his bed.
  • The Duke of Windsor consistently feared assasination by MI6 and had a detachment of Royal Marines to ensure that he would not be taken alive by a possible Nazi kidnap plot which was feared following the arrival of Hess in Britain.