Saturday, 18 August 2012

Churchill's Secret Enemy - what new evidence did we bring to light?

Sir Joseph Ball, was one of Neville Chamberlain's chief lieutenants and organiser of the dirty tricks (phone taps, smears,burgulary,constituency de-selection ) campaign against Sir Winston Churchill and many of the Anti-Nazis. Ball even paid for Billboard ads in the Strand "What Price Churchill?" - (the obvious answer - War) to run along side smears against Churchill in the Press (Truth and other papers)

My research points to Sir Joseph as being the originator of Chamberlain's Plan Z - flight to meet Adolf Hitler at Bertchesgaden ( I have previous correspondance between him and Neville Chamberlain in 1935 discussing Plan X ) and proof that Neville Chamberlain was in reciept of a secret election fund to fight a planned general election on November 14th 1939 with monies from pro-appeaser and Bahamas Tax Exile Sir Harry Oakes (letters from Oakes to Ball with a donation of £10,000 to the fund in gratitude for his knighthood and Pro-Nazi British Union of Fascist funder Henry Drummond-Wolff, as well as Anti-semite and Link member the Duke of Westminster (letter from D-H linking the Duke of Westminster to the Research and Publicity Ltd fund and D-H's trips to Germany as well as the September 1939 Westminster Peace Group)

In addition Sir Joseph Ball met with Right Club member Archibald Ramsay MP in June 1939 to hear evidence of a supposed Judeo-Masonic conspiracy involving Churchill to drag Britain into war, and implicitely asked Ramsay to gather evidence of Churchill's supposed treasonous secret communications with President Roosevelt. Those involved in gathering this evidence we then arrested as part of the Nazi Spy ring including Anna Wolkoff, US Embassy Clerk Tyler Kent and Ramsay himself.

My book which cites the evidence held in the Ball Papers at the Bodelian Library in Oxford and the Drummond-Woolf Papers at Leeds University as well as declassified MI5 files at Kew.
When Neville Chamberlain was ousted from power in may 1940 and began to work under Churchill he ensured that Ball was appointed as Deputy of the Security Executive and was put above MI5 and MI6. Ball took his master's fall badly and offered resign to fight against Churchill but by this time Chamberlain was dying with cancer.

Ball continued his friendships with those promoting a negotiated peace with Nazi Germany such as D-H, Westminster, Collin Brooks, Henry Newnham and met with the Duke of Hamilton in May 1941 in the aftermath of the Hess Peace Mission.

He continued to control and secretly run the Magazine Truth until 1941 when it's Pro-German, Pro-fascist and anti-semitic and anti-american views were exposed in parliament by Colonel Josiah Wedgewood.

Ball was finally sacked from the Security Executive in 1942 and went on to found South African and Rhodesian gold mining group LONRHO eventually bringing in German born and Hitler youth Tiny Rowlands to run it.

Many other interesting links to the Cambridge Spies , Ian Fleming and unsolved mysterious murders and accident deaths of leading appeasers and pro-fascists - Oakes, Mazzina, Errol, Laurence of Arabia and the mysterious silence of Big Ben for 12 hours in June 1941 and of course Royal involvement with Maundy Gregory, Appeasement and Fascism - more to be revealed in "His Majesty's Secret"

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Chariots of Fascist Fire - Lord Burghley and the Dark Side of Olympian Fitness Eugenics

Lord Burghley, Conservative MP, Olympic Hurdler and organiser of the 1948 London Games, who was explified (though not credited in the film Chariots of Fire) is an interesting friend of King Edward VIII (aka David Prince of Wales, aka the Duke of Windsor) Albert Duke of York (aka King George VI) and his brother in law the Duke of Gloucester.
Burghley was at the heart of the National Fitness Council set up by Joseph Ball and Neville Chamberlain and enthuastically supported by Edward the Eighth who became Duke of Windsor. In January 1939, Burghley was part of a group of prominent British notables who broadcast an appeal for Peace to Nazi Germany which included Poet Laurete John Masefield, who had written the Jubilee Poem, a Poem for the Coronation of George VI and a Poem honouring Neville Chamberlain's sellout at Munich. The group included Sir Kenneth Clarke, and Royal Doctors - Lords Dawson and Horder whose views on Eugenics, Population and Fitness are below. Signaturies included Lord Stamp and Lord Eustace Percy, and Montagu Norman, as well as the Marquess of Willingdon, Historians HAL Fisher and Trevelyan, the Earl of Derby, Michael Sadler, Composer Vaughan Williams, Sir William Bragg  and Edwin Lutyens.

Burghley was married to Lady Mary Montagu Douglas Scott sister to the Duke of Buccleuch , Pro-Nazi Master of the Household for George VI. Her uncle Francis Scott was a neighbour to the fascist Earl of Errol in Kenya and he was related by marriage to the the Dukes of Hamilton. Through the IOC he had frequent contact with the Nazis before and after the 1936 Olympic Games and in 1943 he resigned as Tory MP to become Governor of Bermuda having met with the Duke of Windsor in the Bahamas, there was also talk of him succeeding Windsor as Governor there too.

Burghley was linked to JG Paterson, Aberdare, Stack, Dawson and Wakefield

 Burghley was friends with the Duke of Gloucester, George VI and Edward VIII

Dawson and Horder supported Eugenics views

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Mussolini Connection - The Order of Bath

Just as in 1904 George VI's grandfather Edward VII took the Foreign Policy decision to bring England into a close Foreign Policy alliance with France following the Royal Visit of 1904 and the "Entente Cordiale" ( a deal which brought with it secret military arrangements for the Defence of France and the inevitable involvement into a Miltary Alliance with a Repressive and Reactionary Imperial Russia) so too did George VI's father George V enter into a close Anglo-Italian Friendship which lasted despite the arrival of Mussolini in 1922 after the Fascist March on Rome was recognised by George V's friend King Victor Emanuelle III.

 June 1924 saw the Murder of Socialist MP Giacomo Matteotti under Mussolini's conivance at the hands of Fascist Assassins.

British Intelligence in the form of MI6 Officer, member of the Anti-Socialist Union and Conservative MP Samuel Hoare had been from 1917 bankrolling the rise of Benito Mussolini's and the Italian Fascists with MI5 Money  £6,000 per week (in today's money) and now in May 1923 King George and Queen Mary arrived by Special Train in Rome, to greet the Italian Dictator Musssolini and the Italian King. To top that they presented Mussolini with the Royal Cross of the Order of Bath and the following year the Italian King arrived in London to be greeted by King George V and his sons (Prince of Wales and Duke of York) with an Honour guard of British and Italian Fascists in Blackshirts. A wreath was placed on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Cenotaph and the Italian King and Royals were entertained at a Hospital Ball given by Mrs Ronnie Grenville,attended by the newly married Yorks, followed by a Buckingham Palace State Dinner and tour of the British Empire Exhibition. As the Yorks dined Mussolini was giving orders for the beating and Kidnap of his opponents culminating in the kidnap and  murder of Socialist MP Giacomo Matteotti, which parallels the disappearance of British Socialist MP Victor Grayson in 1920. This was the second time Mussolini had targeted Matteotti who had exposed the corruption and intrigues of the Fascists, Matteotti had been kidnapped in 1921 by Fascists and then released.

While Trade Unionists and Labour Politicians protested the murder, the reaction in Rome led to an opposition boycott of the Italian Parliament, a cover-up and the paving of the way for total dictatorship. Conservative Politicians courted Mussolini including Neville Chamberlain's half-brother Austen, and in 1926 King George V sent a letter of regret at the attempted assasination of Mussolini. In 1927 George V awarded Fascist Airman Commander Di Pinedo a Royal Air Force Cross, and in 1930 came the Visit of The Duke of York to meet Mussolini himself.