Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sir Joseph Ball and the MI5 Right Club cover up

When I researched Churchill's Secret Enemy back in 2003, I visited the National Archives (Public Record Office as it was then) and looked at the declassified MI5 file for Right Club Leader Archibald Ramsay. It contained a list of 224 names of Right Club members. I knew that Joseph Ball had secretly met with Archibald Ramsay in June 1939 at the Conservative Carlton Club to discuss Ramsay's fears of a Judeo-Masonic plot against Ball's patron and confidant Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. Ball submitted a report of the meeting to MI5 but left out an information relating to the associated Right Club organisation the Nordic League. Ball has long been suspected as a member of the Right Club and I was surprised to see that when the Weiner Library published a list of the Right Club members contained in the infamous Red Book, a Ball, JP was listed as the 115th member of the anti-semitic club, following member 114 Ainslee Tait and before member 116 Mr Shipman. On the MI5 list held at Kew , the 115th member was Mr Shipman, following Mr Ainslee Tait, any mention of a Mr Ball was omitted.
A strange cover-up considering that it is probable that Mr JP Ball was not MI5's Sir Joseph Ball but actually Charles JP Ball Stockbroker and member of the Anglo-German Fellowship.
Sir Joseph was far too cany to have his name on the list, instead he kept himself informed by his Right Club representatives Ramsay and Mrs Newnham, wife of his editor Henry Newnham who met with other Far Right Leaders including Ramsay and Mosley secretly in 1939 and 1940.
Curious cover-up but MI5 have very little to say about Ball and with good reason.

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