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The Scandal of the Queen Mother's Secretary

Miss Nourah Chard secretary to Mrs Lucy Baldwin, wife of Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin was a friend of notorious honours trafficker Maundy Gregory, so he claimed to Conservative Party Chairman in 1928. She worked as a secretary also for the Queen Mother when she was the fiance to the Duke of York in 1923 .She married in secret Sir Ronald Waterhouse in August 1928, an Intelligence Officer who became Equerry to the Duke of York (later George VI) in 1921 and was also on very friendly terms with Gregory. She later as Lady Nourah Waterhouse broke the behind the scenes story of the role of Waterhouse and JCC Davidson in securing Stanley Baldwin the premiership in 1923.Gregory boasted that he had obtained honours for his clients from a Royal Duke in financial difficulty and in 1925  he recieved a letter from the Duke of York's Comptroller in receipt of a personal birthday gift. No wonder Gregory boasted he had much "pull at the palace"

Waterhouse had Gregory claimed set up in competition to him in the honours trafficking racket, whilst Davidson organised a secret arrangement with Gregory channelling funds to the Conservative Party which saw the alarm over Gregory's links with Fascist Italy and Right Wing Circles in the Ukraine and Germany along with his compromising of the Yorks triggering the 1933 arrest, trial and his exile in France  paid by political funds.

Trouble in Paradise

Sir Harry Oakes died in 1943, murdered and set alight in his Bahamas Mansion. The mystery of his murder remains unsolved after the sensational aquittal of the prime suspect Count Maringy, the victim of a plot organised by the Bahamian Governor and exiled King - the Duke of Windsor. This story has everything, the involvement of  a famous private eye, corrupt Miami Policemen, and a string of unexplained suicides and murders of people connected or interested in the case, included allegedly a Bahamas Governor (Sir George Sandford)  in 1950 and a Bahamas Civil Servant (US Lawyer Betty Renner in 1949 - whose body was stuffed into a well). The Oakes were plagued by death and Oakes's Widow was victim of a blackmail attempt.

My own researches have revealed that Harry Oakes had strong political connections in England and that in exchange for his Baronetcy he had contributed to a secret political slush fund controlled by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's fixer Sir Joseph Ball in 1938-9. The Introduction had come from  British New York Art Dealer Baron Joseph Duveen who had visited Adolf Hitler in Bertchesgaten.

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David Hugh Montgomerie Boyle

David Hugh Montgomerie Boyle
born 1883
Cousin of Earl of Glasgow (who like Ormond Winter was a key figure in the British Fascists)
His father Henry David Boyle (1856-1917) was director of Dawnay Day, Giant Mines of Rhodesia, Russian Mining Corporation, Lena Goldmines.

Educated Wellington School and New College Oxford

1904 Customs Officer at Peking
1906 Tea Planter Ceylon
1907 Bombay Burma Timber Corp
1910 Officiated at Coronation of George V?
1912 ADC Gold Coast Priv Sec to Civil Comissioner Ashanti
1913-1918 Various roles in Gold Coast Colony according to X document "resigned owing to differences of opinion with his superiors against whom he was reported to have intrigued"
1914-18 according to X document - "No record of any war service but sent to USA by C (Mansfield Cumming head of MI6) under Colonel T(hwaites). There he started intrigues against T and during T's absence on leave, closed down the organisation. He was recalled and his services ceased. Prior to this he had been severely censured by Sir R(obert) N(athan) whom he accused of suppressing his telegrams. Next heard of having joined the Black and Tans and subsequently as having been recruited for the intelligence branch at police headquarters, Dublin Castle, in a junior capacity. Here again he started intrigues against his superiors and is reported to have gone to the length of lodging complaints with the Prime Minister respecting them. His services were ceased very shortly afterwards."

According to Cave Brown (The Secret Servant 1987) he escaped Dublin by a whisker.
1919 Son Alistair born New York City (he supposedly working in  Ministry of Pensions)
1920 As MI6 officer he was according to Cave Brown  which enbroils him in the failed attempt on De Valera in USA in1920 and saw him deported at the centre of a bruising Anglo-American Intelligence Row.
1921 His son Ranald born in Fairlie in Ayrshire, He is now in the Far East as a correspondant for the Morning Post with his wife remembering of course his father's role and his later role as director of Cunard and Anchor Line. The "X" document picks up the story : "Still later he was sent on a mission to the Far East by "C" (again Mansfield Cumming) and his wife accompanied him as secretary. His efforts were regarded by the authorities with such grave displeasure that he was recalled and his services ceased again. He subsequently wrote a series of elementary articles on the Far East for the Morning Post"
1924 Rear Admiral Hugh Quex Sinclair succeeds Cumming as head of MI6. X Document - "He next succeeded in obtaining employment on the Prince of Wales Staff on the latter's visit to America (13/9/24) as " a specialist on American Society". He did not, however last the tour out but unexpededly re-appeared in England while the prince was still in America. It is reported that he had been very tactless in his advice to the Prince."
1926 - Letter to Times from Travellers Club "Profits of War"- praising Baruch Plan
1927 - 2/2 Letter to Times on Far East "Japan is our friend", on TOCH appeals Committee
1930 - Booked on Graf Zepplin to Fredrichshaven from Cardington travelling with Japanophile Master of Semphill. Attending Wedding with Sir Ronald Graham  and Mrs Roberts (possibly same as lady in Hamilton -Haushofer letters 1939-1941)
1932 - Times Letter Safety at Sea, Times Letter on US/India
1933 Times letter on Armanents
1934 Pro-Japan letter on Manchurian Railway to TImes "eastern artery"
1935 - Director Anchor Line with Runcimans - resident Fairlieburne, Fairlie Ayrshire
1937 Glebe House, Lewes - officiates at Cornonation of GVI - Kings Messenger
1938 Personal Assistant to Sinclair, running section N at MI6
1939 - Sent by C(SInclair) to visit Berlin on eve of war (with involvement of GVI, Halifax and Cadogan) 10/10 resigns directorship of Dawnay Day because of war work. Personal assistant to New MI6 chief Stewart Menzies who he supports in role.
1941 -Possible involvement in Hess Affair
1948 CMG from GVI for MI6 work
1959 Book "With ardours manifold"
1960 attended funeral of cousin Sd Ldr PN Boyle
1970 died aged 87

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The Riddle of "X" Solved

The Riddle of X - solved

Buried in the Private Papers of Viscount Davidson at the House of Lords was a curious 2 page typed manuscript marked the Career of “X”. It is a very curious document indeed and recounts a confidential investigation into the exploits of an unknown but influential anti-communist insider at the heart of 1920’s Government circles. After many years of search to reveal the Identity of X – I believe that X is non-other than the shadowy friend of MI6 Chief Steward Menzies – David Boyle. This close friend of Sir Stewart Menzies and George VI was closely involved in appeasement, contacts with Nazi Germany and at the centre of an US-British spy row in 1920 which blighted Anglo-American relations until 1940. The US and Britain continued to draw up War Scenarios against each other until 1933, and the American Suspicion that Britain helped Japan build up a Naval Aviation Threat which fulminated in Pearl Harbour in 1941 was based on Lord Sempill's activities in Japan, he may have been protected by anti-american and anti-bolshevists in MI6 and the British establishment. 
The X document was clearly hostile to Boyle and seems to have originated from sources close to MI5 circa 1922-23, possibly Joseph Ball who was in communication with Davidson at the time.

Comparison of X & David Boyle
X” profile                                                                          Boyle (The Secret Servant Cave Brown)
·                       Reported to have joined                                   A relative of the Earl of Glasgow,one of (Stewart)
West African Civil Service                             Menzies closest friends and a member of the
But resigned after intriguing                       British secret service in New York. Accused of
Against his superiors.                                     Plotting to kidnap Eamon De Valera, President of
NO WAR SERVICE IN WWI                            Sinn Fein, who was living in the city, the state dept
But sent to USA by Mansfield                     compelled the Foreign Office to withdraw Boyle’s
Cumming after war under                            mission. The Boyle mission was liquidated, and
Colonel Thwaites where                                   Boyle was sent to the staff of the Prince of Wales
He intrigued against Thwaites                    who was visiting Canada. Boyle was a shadowy
In his absence and closed                             figure whose CV read like that of an aristocratic
Down the organisation.                                 Odd job man but a proficient one. Since 1920
He was censured by Sir Robert                  when we last saw Boyle attempting to kidnap
Nathan whom he accused of                      De Valera, Boyle was aide de camp to the POW
Suppressing telegrams. He was                                 in Canada. He escaped the November Murders
Sacked from MI6. Then joined                   in Dublin by a whisker and at one time of another
The Black and Tans and worked                 was a political and social agent for Cunard, a
At Dublin castle for British Intelligence   correspondant for the Morning Post in Shanghai,
Where he again intrigued.                           And Danzig, director of the Anchor Shipping line
Sent by Mansfield Cumming to Far East officer of the Imperial Chinese Customs Service,
Accompaigned by his wife , recalled        tea planter in Ceylon, clerk to shipping agents at
And wrote articles for Morning Post on Ceylon,employee of the Bombay Timber Corp.
The Far East.                                                      And then with the Burmah Oil Company. He became
Joined Prince of Wales Tour of                   too a political officer to the Anglo-Persian Oil Coy.
USA (1919) as an expert on American     He was also district commissioner for the Gold Coast
Society – gave tactless advice to prince  and he also earned his living by commissions  
And returned home early.                           Obtained through the renting of grass shooting in
Closely associated with wealthy                     Scotland to Americans like Bernard Baruch. Also  
Americans In Britain and manages            a Kings Messenger one of the fraternity that carried
their shooting for them.He has                  the Royal and Secret Mail between capitals.
organised an intelligence service              Sent to Berlin in 1939 under Royal instruction to
and Recently approached an                      try to avert war as MI6 Officer. Operated Section N
ex-MI5 officer to Join him and                   which secretly opened diplomatic mail. In Burma
has established a secure safe                     was offered post of gold staff officer to Earl Marshall
Office in Grays Inn dedicated                     and officiated at Coronations of George V,VI and ER.
to anti-bolshevism.No Intelligence
experience worthy of name,
Extremely conceited, lacking in
tact, and has Recently obtained
money from American Millionaires
to form a society for insuring them
Against the risks of Bolshevik activities!