Friday, 20 July 2012

1943 - The Year the Nazis tried to Kill Churchill

Recent discovery of MI5 files show yet another 1943 Nazi Assasination attempt against British War-time leader Winston Churchill. This brings the total assasination scares against Churchill in 1943 to four separate plots by Nazi agents and special forces. Of Course the most well-known remains the fictional attempt to kidnap or kill Churchill in Jack Higgins - The Eagle has Landed.

The List so far

But was there an unreported attempt to Kill Churchill in March 1943 - when his bodyguard Walter Thompson was admitted to hospital with apparent self-inflicted gun shot wounds. His son who visited him in hospital claims it was an embarrassing accident caused by him keeping his revolver in his belt and jumping up to answer the telephone. Lord Haw-Haw claimed that Thompson had tried to kill himself (lies) but other reports suggested a more complicated version.

Certainly 1943 saw the deaths of 4 significant people of note

Monday, 16 July 2012

What did HG Wells and George Orwell know?

On July 5th 1946, following relevations in the House of Commons on the extent of Italian Fascist funding for Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists - world famous SciFi writer HG Wells wrote and extraordinary article in a little known left wing magazine "Socialist Leader" which accused the British Royal Family of involvement with pre-war Fascism. The attack came weeks before his untimely death on August 13th of unspecified causes aged 79. The British Press refused to discuss the allegations, but the rumours it created led to Press Comment where the imprisoned Fascist Leader actually defended George VI against the charge of fascist involvement.
The Socialist Wells asked "The Genuine democratic communities throughout the world need to know what is going on in this hushed up business of the huge Mosley funds and how far our own Royal Family is involved in this affair." Wells went on to say that if the royal family were involved then there is every reason why the house of hannover should follow the house of savoy into the shadows of exile and leave england free to return to it's old and persistent republican tradition."
Those who read the article were shocked and many attributed this to the ramblings of senility of a once great man, yet did Wells hear rumours about George VI's involvement in fascism?

George Orwell in his 1948 book "1984" uses the song from the George VI's Boys Camp in his sinister Chestnut Tree Cafe in his totalitarian distopia. Winston Smith hears

“Under the spreading chestnut tree
 I sold you and you sold me
There lie they, and here lie we
Under the spreading chestnut tree.

In George Orwell's (Eric Blair's) earlier 1936 Road to Wigan Pier he writes  

“Fascism is coming, probably a slimy anglicised form of fascism, with cultured policemen instead of Nazi gorillas, and the Lion and the Unicorn instead of the Swastika… It sounds rather  like the Duke of York’s Summer Camp and that dismal talk about class cooperation and putting our shoulders to the wheel , which is eyewash,  or fascism or both” 

The funding of the British Fascists by Benito Mussolini was on a colossal scale which when it emerged in 1946 in Chuter Ede's statements shocked HG Wells, yet even more disturbing evidence of British establishment links with Mussolini continue to come out, including in 2009 Historian Peter Martland discovered archive files showing that Benito Mussolini was employed by British Security Services to beat up Italians peace campaigners to keep Italy in the First World War under his British liason MI6 Officer Samuel Hoare (who as Sir Samuel Hoare and later Lord Templewood was heavily implicated in appeasement of both Italy and Germany)

George VI when Duke of York was on good terms with Samuel Hoare, as well as Pro-fascist and Pro-Mussolini Maundy Gregory (from whom he had accepted gifts and money in the 1920's) and his very good friend Sir Louis Greig who was his Comptroller, Tennis Partner, Medical Advisor, Mentor and Stockbroker. Louis Greig was a member of the Anglo-German Fellowship and the British Fascist Dining Club - the January Club and his wife Phyllis had a relation Alex Scrimgeour who worked with Louis Greig as a Stockbroker who not only funded the British Union of Fascists in 1935 but also William Joyce's (aka traitor Lord Haw Haw) British National Socialist League  in 1937.

Mussolini provided funds to a secret bank account which was accessed by Ian Hope Dundas(who father had been ADC to George V), George Tabor and Bill Allen (and his wife Paula Gellibrand) who was a friend of the Duke of Kent (George VI's younger brother).

Coming back to HG Wells his requested epitaph was "I told you so. You damned fools." Couldn't put it better myself.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

George VI and Moral Rearmament

King George VI and the Queen Elizabeth had a religious emphasis which constantly underlined their support for the appeasement of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. They had like Baldwins and Chamberlain's fallen into the clutches of the Buchmanites , a pacifist Christian movement which was anti-communist and led by Dr Frank Buchman a man who had an ambivilent attitude to Hitler.

Many of those younger friends of George VI and the Queen like the Marquess of Hamilton, British tennis ace Bunny Austin and others supported Buchman's call for Moral Rearmament.