Saturday, 16 March 2013

Churchill and the Fascist Plot

Tonight's Channel 4 Documentary "Churchill and the Fascist Plot" does much to put into the public mind the importance of the threat Archibald Ramsay's Right Club posted to Winston Churchill and British National Security in May 1940. It does however leave out the important questions surrounding the role of MI5 Director General Vernon Kell in the Wolkoff affair including his friendship with Anna and her parents. More importantly the role played by MI5's grey eminence Major Sir Joseph Ball who as a key advisor to Neville Chamberlain met with the Right Club leader Ramsay in the Carlton Club annex in June 1939 to hear Ramsay evidence of supposed Judeo-Masonic subversion of the intelligence community, Moscow's role in IRA attacks against Chamberlain and Ball's covert requests to Ramsay to gather evidence harmful to Churchill leading to the Tyler Kent affair.
The role of James McGuirk Hughes, Maxwell Knight and Henry Newnham the editor the Right Club, paper the Truth, all associates of Ball deserve scrutiny. Ball is also cryptically referred to as "Big Man behind the Truth" in the infamous message to William Joyce(Knight's one time agent) in Berlin who became the voice of Germany - Lord Haw Haw.
The Right Club is wrongly portrayed as a bonkers group of anti-semites, yet they had members which included MP's, Dukes and most of the Conservative Party's whips office.
The Right Club were meeting with Oswald Mosley's British Fascists and other far right anti-war groups in preparation to stop Churchill and support Chamberlain's secret backchannels to Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy - links which included the Duke of Westminster's Peace Group involving Henry Drummond-Wolff and Joseph Ball and Arthur Bryant.
Good So far as it went but much left out.

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