Monday, 21 May 2012

Their Majesty's Secret - The closed archives

I have talked previously about the "Magpie Seven" Secrets -those deep secrets which are declassified only after 75 years. It seems there are secrets closed even longer - including:
  • 2037:  (Box 24) at the Bodelian Library sealed for a further 37 years on matters relating to the Abdication Crisis of 1937.   According the Smithsonian Magazine "British news media speculate the documents include embarrassing revelations about the Queen Mother’s alleged support for negotiating peace with Nazi Germany prior to the outbreak of World War II."

    2041: According to the Smithsonian Magazine " A British intelligence file said to contain an interrogation transcript and (Rudolf) Hess’ correspondence with King George VI is scheduled to be unsealed 100 years after his arrest. Historians say the papers might show whether British intelligence tricked Hess into undertaking his fateful mission."